Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Cosby's

Its funny, I use to love watching the Cosby show- and I still do when the re-runs come on. Something about it- yeah it may have been a little too perfect for some, but to me it just always put a smile on my face. I think maybe it was just the thought of what a good black family could look like; a father and mother who worked hard to make a living and created a family that they really loved. The kids, maybe not as real as today's standards, but it was still cool to see innocents. I think the fact that the show seem not to have any hidden motive but a honest belief in black family at it best was most appealing.
I would have to say that it was one of my all time favorite shows growing up. Yeah, some would say "far from reality", yet I think on some level most could say that the show was pretty cool- or maybe not (all depends on what vantage point you hold). Nowadays, there are a lot of family shows out, but nothing really like the Cosby show. Funny thing about the show is that it made many feel right at home and when it went off, it kinda left many feeling like, "what's next?"
The Reality is all things must come to an end (even in show business). For some, even though you know it many never air again with new episodes, I think for those who really loved it, it would be awesome to see just one more season.- call it a little wishful thinking

For some it was like watching a dream. For others,watching a reality and living a dream.