Saturday, November 8, 2008

what color do you see?

About two days ago I had the chance to visit a special education class in an middle school. It was pretty cool because honesty I have always had this idea about special education class and students- Students that are hard to comprehend or possibly look a little different etc... (not to say that there are not those who may have a disability similar to that) but the kids at this school looked rather normal and the classroom like any other. To be quite honest one might not really be able to pick up on the children's disability at first glance. If they didn't know what they were looking for in this classroom they would miss the fact that every child in the class had some form of EBD-a emotional behavioral disorder- simply put: the issue has a lot to do with things coming from the inside; feeling, thoughts, etc... In essence, very fragile children emotionally- and it displays itself though a variety of ways- acting out, getting an very serious attitude, becoming very quite, yet all to an extreme level that a child without the disability might not show

I had an epiphany today (and this might sound a little strange because most probably have figured this out)....
People are different
Now you might ask, "Um, duh what took you so long?"
Well, as easy as it is to say, ( because I have said it may times) understanding that concept was ( and still is at times) a hard thing to really live with. The idea that people go through different experiences in there life I understood, but understanding how an experience effects someone is difficult, and probably impossible for most.
Its like trying to see a color you have never seen before. Yeah I experienced, the joys of orange and yellow, the sadness of blue, the loss of tan the anger/rage of red, the unknowns of black, the intense love of turquoise -and so on.
But what about those colors I haven't experienced? are there colors outside of this? what does ultraviolet feeling go through, and would I recognize Gama red if i saw it? or better yet can I see it for the human eye can only see a certain range of color?
I might be a certain shade ( or maybe "shades" depending on what you have seen) Lets call me a nice shade of blue (navy to be more specifically) and with a slight hint of crimson- because it there, but just very subtle. What this means possibly is that everything I see out of my color scope will be have either a tint of blueish quality or many be crimson. More specially, when it comes to people, I will only be able to relate to those to with the same or similar color and yet give every other color that's not those two colors, either a navy or crimson tint, ultimately changing the color together.

I guess it all boils down to perspective.


Lott Roxx said...

Great blog Josh. I think Im purple with some turquoise. Its can be hard to relate to others with out these colors. I really digg this analogy.

SaxyJosh said...

Thanks- glad to hear someone understands the message
Navy, Out