Sunday, November 2, 2008

I guess this would be a begininng, right?

So I was definitely apprehensive to this whole blogging thing- Girlfriend has one, -she told me about it. Honesty, thought stuff like this was just for girls ( You know, gotta get their emotions out right?) No real man Blogs!! But now the more I think about it, this thing might do some good- maybe for others and for at least my self.
Funny thing is that I knew that somehow I would need an outlet, some platform to speak on- whether it be to a person or a notebook, or even a computer screen. I have way too many thoughts that wiz by and not enough time to process them ( you see, there goes one right well at least not right now, but you get my point- it sure did sound good though) But the point is, there are many things that go on in my mind, may thoughts, ideas etc... like a tv that continues to change the channel. having a way to stay on one channel might not be a bad thing. And a side note: we all think- dudes to, maybe girls just do better at finding the right medium to get it out before it crashes.
well we will see were this goes...