Saturday, December 20, 2008

The greatest performance

The piece was called "My Past",
The key was set without faith, creating no tonal center,
The time signature was the reoccurring
The constant pulse of things done wrong,
Though the piece started on the down beat, the performers look to the audience to perceive whether its music was aesthetically pleasing, yet ignoring the dynamics.
The conductor stood in front, trying to grab their attention, waving his arms, however, their heads were too embedded within the stand, trying to make since of the piece
and yet, when it seemed as if modulation
was present, there would only be repeat signs every few bars

The final cadence was deceptive

The performers stood to take to what they thought was an unconvincing bow, and were only met by a few hand clap from what was largely a packed house...

Though the concert of my life started with a piece that was given by the spur of the moment, - this performance was far from over and was eminent of being the greatest of concerts ever performed.


M!ZZ-M@Y@ said...

that was beautifully written josh

SaxyJosh said...

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it- it was kinda old but I'd thought I would put it up anyway